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The FDA report says: "Ninety (70%) of the 128 patients had one or more risk factors reported for cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, obesity, previous cardiac history). Excluding the last two cases, the patient died within four to five hours of taking Fildena in 34% of the deaths. This figure excluded reports referring to "55 foreign patients, 35 with unverifiable information (from hearsay, rumour, the media, or unidentifiable reporters), and 22 with unconfirmed Fildena use".

In the US, 130 patients are known to have died after taking drug between late March and mid-November 1998, according to the Food and Drug Administration. But there is no indication whether they already had heart disease or were taking other drugs for a heart problem. In 11 cases men taking the drug suffered heart disorders, four of whom died.

Overall it has been linked with 41 cases of adverse reactions between 1 July and 22 December, according to figures from the Medicines Control Agency. fildena online who ignore the advice put their lives at risk as the drug has been linked to sudden death in such patients with such pre-existing risk factors. Almost 200 people around the world have died after taking Fildena, but it has not yet been proven if the drug is directly responsible for the deaths.

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