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When Cancer Reaches Stage 4
To have stage 4 cancer is to have cancer in multiple areas of the body. liver cancer of origin, whether that was the prostrate, lungs, pancreas, bladder, or anywhere else has spread to one or more other body systems through the bloodstream. The cancer can show up anywhere else but common places are the brain, bones, lungs, and liver. In some cases, this stage never develops because earlier interventions have eradicated the cancer at that original source.

Starting at lung cancer symptoms

There are many cases where being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer or stage 4 kidney cancer is the first notice a patient gets to indicate the cancer exists. It can be devastating as those without cancer can only imagine. Instead of hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer at stage 1, the oncologist delivers a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer which is another term for stage 4. Most patients in those cases are completely shocked and begin thinking they can die at any day.

liver cancer is that anyone can die at any day, anywhere. It only takes a glance at the news to realize that fact. While late stage cancer will have to be treated aggressively, there are effective treatments to prolong life, improve the quality of life, and at the very least provide time to get affairs in order. It is important to keep in mind that patients have lived for years after a diagnosis of cancer at stage 4.


Once the oncologist completes testing and recommends an appropriate treatment, there are multiple resources to help patients and their families decide how to proceed, learn what to expect from treatments, and become organized to make treatments and any complications easier to handle. An Ultimate Guide to different types of cancer is one resource available on the Cancer Horizons website. This and other websites inform, motivate, organize, and support patients. New clinical trials, medication breakthroughs, and experimental treatments are listed and updated frequently to make patients aware of the latest possibilities.

Products to make life and treatment more comfortable, financial resources to help when out of work due to treatment, and volunteers who transport cancer patients back and forth to appointments can be found on websites as well. Checklists for what to do before treatment, such as arrange for childcare, what foods to eat for energy, and what to bring along are helpful. Local support groups for patients and family members can be located in a few clicks. Patients with cancer in stage 4 are not alone, so seek those websites and prepare to fight.

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